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6mm Black Onyx - Our friend that ABSORBS all those NEGATIVE VIBES to keep you levelled up.


Add your own personal touch by adding a name, initials, birth date, or word to make it uniquely yours.  Or add a charm to a plain black onyx bracelet (see charm section).


Lettering options include:

White with black letters

Black with white letters

White with gold letters.


Please note that all items are hand crafted to order and are non- refundable.

Made with durable stretch for a comfortable fit.

**As all stones are natural with their own characteristics, each bracelet is unique in colouring and marbling and may vary slightly from image**


    1. Use a soft tape measure or piece of string to measure the circumference of the  wrist.  Use that size for a snug fit.
    2. Add a 1/4" (or the next size up) for a looser fit.
    3. Size 7" fits most if unsure.
  • In order to keep the your beauties in great condition, take them off before getting wet, sweating, sleeping or using sprays of any kind.

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